Hydrochloric Acid or muriatic acid is colorless in an-organic chemical system with the formula HCl. It has a distinctive sharp smell, and classified as strongly acidic which can attack the skin over a wide composition range, since the hydrogen chloride completely dissociates in aqueous solution.


HCl 32% wt | (MSDS / LDK)

No Parameter Unit Specification
Min. Max
1 Purity, as HCl % wt 32,00 -
2 Free Chlorine, as Cl2 ppm wt - 75
3 Iron as Fe ppm - 10


  1. For the Production of Organic Compounds
  2. For the Production of Inorganic Compounds (Water treatment chemicals, sewage treatment and paper production)
  3. For removing metal stains
  4. For cleaning pools
  5. For digesting foods (It acidifies the stomach contents)
  6. For the purification of Table Salt
  7. For Neutralization and pH Control
  8. For regeneration of ion exchangers
  9. For oil production

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